Paul Lucyk
Paul Lucyk
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Meet Paul Lucyk, a dedicated and experienced Realtor who grew up in Chilliwack, BC. Since growing up in Chilliwack, Paul has been involved in the development of commercial properties across Western Canada since 2012 and more recently in residential development and sales. In 2018, Paul began as an unlicensed assistant for his family's Real Estate team and quickly obtained a Real Estate license, selling nearly $90 million dollars in Real Estate combined. Before becoming a Realtor, Paul worked in the development of commercial tilt-up properties and residential homes. Paul became a Realtor to help grow the family business with a strong background in residential and commercial construction. Paul's passion for Real Estate lies in the ability to help clients find their dream home and has an extensive network of agents, mortgage brokers, and lawyers to make any real estate transaction happen. In Paul's free time, Paul runs three companies including a Real Estate company, a Light Fixture Company, and a startup Equine Breeding Program. Family is everything to Paul and values time above all else. Paul is relentless in achieving successful results for clients and is dedicated to making their clients' #1 priority. Paul's favorite vacation spot is Xcaret in Mexico for its 5-star service, food, and 5-6 amazing parks to visit. Paul's favorite quote is “It’s not that simple. That’s the biggest lie I was told. It’s not that simple. It’s a lie they tell you over and over again. That’s how they get you to give up. What's the truth? That it is. It is that simple.”